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Partnerships with practitioners, public sector organizations, business, and academic institutions are central to the Brandt School's educational mission. Read more

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New Framework Agreement Includes Increase in General University Funding in Thuringia


A new framework agreement that was signed in January by representatives of the federal state and the Thuringian universities recognizes the need to invest in education and research in...Read more

Study Trip to Berlin: Managing Fragility and Dealing with Fragile States - From Analysis to Policy in Germany


The trip began Thursday morning when the Conflict Studies and Management (CSMP)-project group reported their final findings about drug trafficking in Sierra Leone and Liberia to Dr. Judith...Read more

Guest Lecture by Dr. Judith Vorrath on Organized Crime in West Africa


On 17th December 2015, Dr. Judith Vorrath from the renowned German Institute for International and Security Affairs – Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik Berlin (SWP) gave a guest lecture on...Read more

Master of Public Policy

Study an innovative Public Policy Program among an inspiring group of students from all over the world.

Our Master of Public Policy is a two-year graduate program which combines elements of various social sciences and applies them to the practices of governments, administrations and nonprofit organizations. Bringing together theoretical and practical skills, the MPP trains future political leaders to make sound decisions. The program is fully accredited through ACQUIN. Read more

Why Brandt School?

Established in 2002 as Germany´s first professional school of public policy, the Brandt School incorporates the vision of its name patron that the world is fundamentally interconnected and interdependent, that local solutions require global understanding, and that responsible policy-making means to boldly think outside of the box.

In this spirit, the Brandt School offers students, researchers and the broader policy community a highly international atmosphere, a uniquely trans-disciplinary approach, and a practice-oriented outlook. Read more