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We are proud to announce that the journal "Socio-Economic Review" has awarded Professor Achim Kemmerling's article "Left without choice? Economic ideas, frames and the party politics of...

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“What is truth?” asked Heribert Prantl, one of the editors in chief and head of the opinion department at the Süddeutsche Zeitung, during his lecture at the Thüringer Landtag on May 31. The...

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From 3-4 May 2018, Solveig Richter, Juniorprofessor for International Conflict Management, and her team organized an international conference on “Peace and Conflict Studies: Perspectives...

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Why Brandt School?

Established in 2002 as Germany´s first professional school of public policy, the Brandt School incorporates the vision of its name patron that the world is fundamentally interconnected and interdependent, that local solutions require global understanding, and that responsible policy-making means to boldly think outside of the box.

In this spirit, the Brandt School offers students, researchers and the broader policy community a highly international atmosphere, a uniquely trans-disciplinary approach, and a practice-oriented outlook. Read more