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The Brandt School’s students are the core of the institution’s unique, multicultural environment. This international aspect is not only an asset to the Brandt School and the university but also to the community of Erfurt because our student body is active within the university as well as in Erfurt and around the world. The Brandt School has several representatives in the student council (StuRa) at the University of Erfurt as well as their own student-organized Student Government at the Brandt School. Brandt School students also participate in international study trips, and conferences such as Model UN, NATO, and EU conferences for young leaders. Other projects, including the Commitment Award, promote students’ own social initiatives. The Brandt School blog, The Bulletin, also showcases some activities in which our students participate. The Bulletin Podcast is our monthly podcast where we interview the fascinating students and researchers of the Willy Brandt School.

For updates and photos of current events at the Brandt School, visit the Brandt School's official Facebook page.

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