Brandt School Universität Erfurt
Jennifer Werner
Class of 2012
"I studied three years abroad and nowhere was the ... Read more
Heather Mikulski
Class of 2010
The MPP program offers a well-rounded curriculum, ideal for students who ... Read more
Zongqi Zhao
Class of 2010
The Brandt School managed to bring me up onto a "platform" where ... Read more
Arsim Mulaku
Class of 2010
Studying at the Brandt School has essentially changed the way how now I see ... Read more
Elena Mendoza Barajas
Class of 2011
The programme represents to me the opportunity of getting the skills ... Read more
Jalale Getachew Birru
Class of 2011
The programme helps me to understand how to formulate a good policy ... Read more
Fuad Samaanin
Class of 2011
I applied for the Public Policy and Good Governance Program because ... Read more
Sherry Basta
Class of 2011
The Brandt School shows you different realities of the world, lets you live with ... Read more
Ahmad Shoaib
Class of 2011
The MPP is an example of the diverse world we live in, it gives us a chance ... Read more
Andrew Kwame Korang
Class of 2011
The Public Policy Program at Erfurt is insightful - containing theoretical ... Read more
Julián E. Vásquez
Class of 2012
The opportunity to meet and study together with so many different people ... Read more
Stefan Neville Slooten
New Zealand
Class of 2012
The Brandt School takes the best of academic traditions and leaves the ... Read more
Artem Ushakov
Class of 2012
It has been one of the most difficult decisions of my life to study abroad ... Read more

Our Students

Brandt School students are strategic thinkers, go-getters and use their entrepreneurship skills to drive innovative change. Chosen on the basis of their outstanding undergraduate university grades, their interdisciplinary orientation, talent and high motivation, they have excellent knowledge of the English language, and often work experience in policy making and diplomacy.

General facts about the student body

  • Brandt School students have an average age of 25 years at the beginning of the program.

  • 53% of students are male and 47% female.

  • More than 450 students have graduated from the Brandt School since 2004.

  • There are currently 113 students enrolled at the Brandt School.

So far, students from 89 countries have chosen to study at the Brandt School and represent all regions of the world.

  • Africa - 10%

  • Asia - 40%

  • Europe - 28%

  • Oceania - 1%

  • North America - 13%

  • South America - 8%

Students's careers: our alumni secured positions in various prestigious institutions

  • Government institutions on a regional, national and international level, as chief officer for foreign trade at the Ministry for Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture in Mainz, Germany, as public diplomacy officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Ukraine, at the European Parliament in Brussels as a policy advisor, or as senior assistant principal secretary in the Ministry of Federal Territories and Urban Well-Being in Malaysia

  • International organisations like the World Bank office in Bogota, Colombia or the United Nations Office for Project Services in Copenhagen

  • NGOs, as communications officer at the World Wildlife Fund in Brasil or at the Kinship Foundation in the USA. One student has even founded his own NGO: Spirit of Football e.V. is a non-profit-organisation based in Erfurt

  • Enterprises of the private sector, as senior consultant at Roland Berger in Düsseldorf, as project coordinator at a training and consulting firm, or as an international business analyst at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Hangzhou City, China

  • Or they are furthering their academic careers at the University of St. Gallen or are busy writing their doctoral thesis in Hong Kong or (right here) in Erfurt