Brandt School Universität Erfurt

DAAD-Award for MPP Graduate Cecilia Del Prete

As part of its annual graduation ceremony on Saturday, October 21, 2017, the University of Erfurt will once again present one excellent foreign student with the DAAD-Award. This year’s award goes to Cecillia Del Prete, who just completed her Master’s Degree in Public Policy at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt.

The award is offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, DAAD) every year and endowed with €1.000. It enables the DAAD’s member universities to honor students that have demonstrated exceptional engagement. The Brandt School nominated the Cecilia for this award because of her outstanding academic performance and her social commitment.

Cecilia, who was born in Italy, has convinced her lecturers at the Brandt School as an extraordinary student with great enthusiasm from day one. Moreover, she has a strong personality, is a passionate team player, and meets everyone with empathy and in a very friendly manner. Besides her studies, she was also very active both as a student assistant and in the association “Spirit of Football”. Cecilia also won the third prize in “Social Entrepreneurship” at the Thuringian Start-up Idea Competition 2016 together with two fellow students.

“The Master of Public Policy was why I wanted to study at the University of Erfurt”, Cecilia said. “I was looking for a practice-oriented program in Germany, which would at the same time offer me the opportunity to work with international students. The Brandt School was a perfect place to make friends from all over the world and to get prepared for an international job.”

Cecilia will keep dear memories of Erfurt for many reasons. “The close friendships will remain, and there was also the wonderful experience as a student assistant. Furthermore, the “project group” in my third semester gave my fellow students and me the chance to work on a real EU-project and to build up a network. This helped a lot with my current job. I started to work as a consultant at an international consultancy on development in Bad Homburg in August. Working at the department for “Education and Employment Promotion”, I deal with apprenticeships, entrepreneurship trainings as well as projects of employment and recruitment. Studying at the University of Erfurt was a great preparation for these tasks.”

Cecilia also revealed how she would spend the prize money: “I will combine the pleasant with the useful and take a Spanish Course in Columbia to improve my Spanish skills and to also visit a friend from my studies.”

Congratulations, Cecilia!