Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Guest Lecture on Budgeting by Chancellor of University of Erfurt

This Monday, Dr. Jörg Brauns, Chancellor of the University of Erfurt, gave a guest lecture on the topic “Politics and Economics of Budgeting. The Case of Erfurt University” at the Brandt School.

Dr. Brauns gave the students an introduction to university budgeting, based on Thuringian universities. He outlined the development of budgeting policies, beginning with the introduction of “performance based budgeting” in 2003. First versions of this policy lead to strong, but non-constructive, competition among Thuringian universities. Since then, the model has been improved several times, including a shift away from solely quantitative objects. Now, Thuringian universities no longer compete amongst each other: Each university negotiates their own performance targets with the state, based on a mix of quantitative and qualitative objectives, with 10% of the budget being awarded on a performance basis. Additionally, the universities have gained more autonomy due to a shift from very detailed budget to bulk budgeting.

However, he also noted that some things are harder to influence financially - teaching and research, for example, require intrinsic motivation.

The guest lecture was part of Prof. Dr. Achim Kemmerling’s course "Comparative Public Administration and Good Government".