Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Willy Brandt School students debate on global issues affecting local communities

Last week students from Professor Aragon’s Policy Analysis Frameworks class participated in policy debates to cap off their semester long course looking at global issues affecting local communities. The debates were an opportunity for students to display their knowledge of course concepts and further develop their public speaking skills in a town hall style setting right here on campus at the “Hörsaal 7” Cafe. Topics debated included the efficacy of universal basic income as a strategy for reducing inequality and whether cash transfers or in-kind benefits are more effective for alleviating poverty. Both issues were explored in depth in Dr. Aragon’s course as well as policy solutions inspired by theoretical frameworks from Amartya Sen, Michael Porter, and Hernando de Soto. All participants demonstrated excellent knowledge of the strategies developed in class and the debates were both entertaining and informative. Great job to all the participants and thank you to our inquisitive audience for the engaging questions!