Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Brandt School student team won the Thuringian Start-up Idea Competition in the category "Social Entrepreneurship"

Three student teams of the Willy Brandt School got into the Top Ten of this year´s “Start-up Idea Competition” organized by the Thuringian Entrepreneurship and Start-up Centre (ThEx) as well as the Foundation for Technology, Innovation and Research Thuringia (Stift) on 9 March 2016. 

The start-up project "Amigo" developed by Grigoriy Grigoryev, Martin Deák, Luis Tellez and Ashok Kumar Ganguly won the first and special prize in the category "Social Entrepreneurship"! The student team convinced the jury with their advanced project idea that aims at developing an android mobile application to be handed out to incoming migrants. The app that is currently developed with support of colleagues and students from the University of Applied Sciences will include a localized online community, an information data base and a business to consumer segment. Further, it addresses the challenge of language barrier with an in-built multilingual translation tool. The overall mission of the team is to support the welcoming of migrants coming to Erfurt. 


Two other student teams were nominated in the top 10 in the category "General Start-up Ideas". The project "RefULink" presented by Marie Ullmann, Cecilia del Prete and Haytham Mones aims at establishing a platform that promotes professional interaction and linkage between migrants and citizens of Erfurt by offering joint workshops, services and get-togethers. George Akeliwira submitted the business canvas "Zorko Tomato Famers Initiative" that addresses an irrigation problem in a rural community called Zorko located in the north of Ghana. The Brandt School congratulates all nominees and winners on this outstanding success!