Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Guest lecture by Dr. Gudio Steinberg

On February 3, the Brandt School hosted researcher Dr. Guido Steinberg from the ‘Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik’ (SWP) to a standing-room only crowd. The presentation sought to give context to the Islamic State as it stands now, and explain some of the various changes the group has undergone since the early 2000s. Steinberg’s expertise lies in Islamic and Political Sciences, and his current research focuses on the Arab peninsula, Kurds in the Middle East, jihadism, political Islam, and terrorism. Steinberg also illuminated some of the main differences between IS and other jihadist groups in the region.

A brief but lively discussion followed the presentation, and Steinberg fielded questions ranging from the Geneva peace talks to the likelihood of Boko Haram embracing IS or al-Qaeda. Steinberg’s latest book, Kalifat des Schreckens, IS und die Bedrohung durch den Islamischen Terror’ (Caliphate of Horror, IS and the Threat of Islamic Terrorism) was published in March 2015.