Brandt School Universität Erfurt


The Brandt School has a long tradition of successful partnerships. The establishment of the public policy educational program made partnerships with practitioners, organizations in the public sector, business and academic institutions central to its educational mission.


The Haniel Foundation and the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy are long-standing strategic partners.
The Haniel Foundation supports the school’s activities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia through prestigious scholarship programs and by funding cooperation projects with two major Russian universities. Among them are the Moscow Institute for International Relations and the Higher School of Economics.
Since 2008 the Haniel Foundation has extended its partnership with the Brandt School and, for the first time, follows the path of institutional funding. The Haniel Foundation partially funds the Franz Haniel Chair for Public Policy (W3) whose denomination acts as a reminder of Franz Haniel (1779-1886), the founder of the Haniel Holding, who was a pioneer in social entrepreneurship throughout the 19th century.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the world’s largest funding organisation supporting international exchange of students and scholars. The DAAD has been a major partner of the Brandt School since 2008. Three comprehensive programs are supported by the DAAD: The “Good Governance in Afghanistan Program”, the “Public Policy and Good Governance Program” and the “Conflict Studies and Management Program”. All of them aim at qualifying future leaders according to the principles of good governance and preparing them for their professional life. 



The Donors' Association for German Scholarship awarded the Brandt School of Public Policy with the Research Lectureship for Public Policy. The only such Research lectureship in former East Germany was established with the financial support of the Marga and Kurt Möllgard Foundation.



The Transatlantic Policy Consortium consists of 36 universities in Europe and the United States that offer degree programs and/or carry out research in the general field of public policy analysis and education. Meetings are held annually to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to forge cooperation in new areas.



The Federal Ministry for Education and Research sponsored the development of a multimedia learning environment and multimedia applications for the MPP program.



The GIZ supports the cooperation between the Brandt School and the Ukrainian government endeavoring to educate and train junior recruits of the government and administration of the Ukraine.



The "Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft" (LEG) of Thuringia aims to support the development of business and investments in the region. It cooperates with the Brandt School of Public Policy on the research project ENABLE and has also taken on MPP students as interns.



PUBLIUS e.V. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting university education in the field of public policy.