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General Questions

  • What are the application deadlines?

  • When does the program start?

  • What materials do I have to submit with my application?

  • What is the duration of the program?

  • How many students are admitted to the program?

  • How many international students attend the MPP program?

  • How much does the program cost?

  • Can I do a Ph.D. / Doctorate at the Brandt School?

  • Can I study part-time?

  • Can I take classes at other faculties at the University of Erfurt?

  • Can I visit the University of Erfurt and the Brandt School of Public Policy?

  • Do you offer scholarships?

  • What is the MPP curriculum like? What courses and specializations are available?

What are the application deadlines?

The deadline for applicants from EU + EFTA member states who do not need a visa (and do not apply for a scholarship) as well as for German applicants is September 1st. All hardcopies of application documents must be submitted to the Brandt School by September 1st, therefore online applications close to the deadline are not possible.

For applicants from non EU or EFTA countries who must apply for a visa to study in Germany, and applicants who are applying for scholarships (Haniel Stipend/EICF Scholarship) the deadline is May 31; however, we strongly advise you to apply as early as possible, especially if you are applying for a scholarship. Please keep in mind that, depending on the country you are from, visa processing time can take 3 months or even longer. Please check with the local German Embassy to estimate how long visa processing would be expected. This is why we strongly encourage you to apply before our priority deadline (end of February).

When does the program start?

The MPP program starts only once a year in the fall term, which begins on October 1, with classes starting in mid-October. We offer a mandatory orientation week which starts one week before the opening of the lecture period.

What materials do I have to submit with my application?

Please read carefully through our admission website for detailed and in-depth information on all the documents. Generally speaking, all applicants are required to submit the following items:

  • Official secondary education certificate (Abitur, High School Diploma, or equivalent)

  • Official degrees and transcripts from all colleges or universities attended

  • Statement of Purpose (two pages or less)

  • Curriculum Vitae (two pages or less)

  • A proof of a minimum of one year of work experience.

  • Applicants whose previous study program was conducted in a language other than English are required to submit official TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge Certificate scores. Test results of the first two may not be older than 2 years

International students from a non-English speaking country who have earned a university degree from an institution where the language of instruction and examination is English need not prove their English language ability by an official test. However, they must submit an official letter from their university certifying that they have studied in English.

Please note that simple copies cannot be accepted. All copies must be certified as true copies by an official authority as being true to the original document. These certified copies can therefore not be faxed to the Brandt School, as the Admissions Committee must be able to see the stamp as verification of its authenticity. The German Embassy, among other authorities, offers the official certification of copies.

What is the duration of the program?

The MPP program requires 120 credit points for graduation, earned over four semesters (i.e. two years). It is not possible to reduce the number of semesters or to graduate sooner.

How many students are admitted to the program?

There is neither a limit for the number of students accepted to the MPP program, nor are there any geographical restrictions. The Admissions Committee does not use quotas of any kind. The average class size is now about 50-60 students.

How many international students attend the MPP program?

The number of international students varies from year to year, and the school does not try to target a certain number of international students in the admissions process. However, as the program’s orientation is explicitly international, the majority of students is indeed international.

How much does the program cost?

The estimated overall cost of attendance is currently around EUR 26,600. This sum consists of the following expenses:

  • Tuition fee: EUR 6,400 (for the whole program of two years) in total or in installments of EUR 1,600 per semester due in advance

  • Semester contribution fee (subject to change, see below for details) EUR 270 (per semester)

  • Living expenses (cost of housing, food, health insurance, etc. as stipulated by the city of Erfurt's Foreigner's Office) approximately EUR 853 (per month for 22 months).

  • Course materials (books, course packs) at least EUR 100 (per semester)

  • The semester contribution covers the cost of student services as well as of the student council. One part of the semester contribution goes to the student services and the student council, the other covers the “Semester Ticket”. The “Semester Ticket” entitles you to travel free of charge on city routes of the Erfurt Municipal Transit Authority (EVAG) and can be used by all students. You must simply show your student ID when asked to see your ticket. The semester contribution, the payment of which is mandatory for all students, currently totals EUR 270

Can I do a Ph.D. or Doctorate at Brandt School?

Yes. You have the possibility of doing research work here, using the University of Erfurt facilities, or finding your Ph.D. supervisor at Brandt School or the Faculty of Social Sciences (Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultät).

Our general field of expertise is outlined in our mission statement, which can be found here; if this is in line with your own research agenda, you may want to continue by reading through the Research & Outreach section of our website, in order to compare the fields of specialization of our faculty members with the envisaged topic of your Ph.D. thesis.

If by now you feel that there is a potential "match" between yourself and a faculty member here, feel free to contact him/her directly, specifying your request as much as it is possible for you at this stage:

When exactly do you plan starting to work on your Ph.D.? In which area or on which topic, using which research design? Will you work full- or part-time on your Ph.D.? Have you already secured funding for your plans? Are you planning to apply, and if so to whom, for grants or scholarships?

The more details you provide us with, the better we will be able to respond to your request...

(Please note: Agreeing to supervision of a Ph.D. research project by a faculty member of the Brandt School would require the Ph.D. student to enroll as a student at the University of Erfurt, and the degree conferred at UE actually is a "Dr. rer. Pol.", not a Ph.D.)

Can I study part-time?

No, your offer of admission to the Brandt School program will be for full-time study only.

Can I take classes at other faculties at the University of Erfurt?

Yes, students do have the possibility to cross-register for selected classes offered by other departments at the University of Erfurt, provided that space is available in these courses. Whether and how many credit points are awarded is subject to approval of your academic mentor and the M.P.P. Examinations Committee. You can get an idea of which lectures and seminars are offered for a given term by checking the course listings on the University of Erfurt's homepage.

Can I visit the University of Erfurt and the Brandt School of Public Policy?

If you want to find out more about the University and the Brandt School, you are welcome to visit us during our office times, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. However, please make an appointment to ensure that staff or lecturers can plan to spend time answering all your questions.

We encourage you to pay us a visit on our yearly Open Day each spring when we introduce the program and the school to interested visitors. Please check our website for the exact date.

Do you offer scholarships?

A very limited number of partial scholarships is available to highly qualified international students already in their second year of studies only.

Brandt School partial scholarships are financed by the DAAD and subject to academic performance and continued availability of funds. The amount of money awarded to a successful applicant is not pre-defined. Rather than serving as a means of covering all your costs it is meant as a finacial support during your final year of studies.

Therefore, we highly recommend that applicants in the need of financial support apply for scholarships from third institutions. For further information please check here.

What is the MPP curriculum like? What courses and specializations are available?

Detailed information on the structure and content of our curriculum can be found under "Master of Public Policy", where you can download the most recent Academic Schedule.