Brandt School Universität Erfurt

What do we look for in an applicant?

The Admissions Committee seeks highly talented and motivated applicants. The following requirements and prerequisites must be met.

Academic Background

Admittance for the program requires the fulfillment of the following academic prerequisites:

  • German "Abitur", a General Secondary Education Certificate, a high school diploma or a comparable international diploma entitling the applicant to enter an institution of higher education, and

  • A university diploma awarded for the completion of an academic program with a duration of a minimum of 6 semesters of study

Professional Experience

As an addition to the academic prerequisites, the Brandt School is looking for applicants who have had first professional experience in an area of work that connects the the field of Public Policy. While in some cases we accept applications who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance, we recommend that you do already possess some professional experience, which includes internship experience.

Curriculum Vitae, Statement of Purpose, and Letters of Recommendation

The Admissions Committee considers the impression gained from the Statement of Purpose, the CV, and the letters of recommendation in the admission process. It is essential that your statement provides us with sufficient information about your analytical skills, the reasons for your interest in political issues, your professional objectives, and their connection to the MPP program. Your statement should explain your career goals and why you have chosen our public policy program to pursue your academic or professional goals. It is also important that your statement of purpose explains how prior professional experiences (such as internships) have shaped your career plans. Please limit the length of your statement of purpose to two pages.


Students will have to read demanding scientific texts during their studies. Therefore, they must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English fluently. Applicants must demonstrate their competency in English by taking one of the following tests: TOEFL, IELTS, or the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English. For the specific requirements, please check the Application section.

Do I need to have my foreign documents translated?

Yes. All documents, such as official transcripts, diplomas, certificates, or letters of recommendation not issued in German or English must be translated into German or English by an official translator and certified as authentic translations by a public notary.

Which degrees and transcripts am I required to submit?

You must submit degrees and transcripts from all schools and universities that you have attended. These must either be official transcripts issued by the institution itself or certified true copies of them. Also, if you have not yet completed your studies, please send us a current transcript including all courses you have taken to date. Before your final admission, we request that you send all finalized documents.

Who should write my letters of recommendation?

We require that at least one of your letters of recommendation is from an academic source (i.e., a professor or academic mentor who knows you well). The second letter of recommendation can be either academic or professional. 

All letters of recommendation must be written on an official letterhead or referees should make use of the Brandt School recommendation form. During your online application you have to indicate the names and institutional e-mail addresses of your referees. Then they receive an automatic e-mail with a link where they can directly upload their reference letter to our application system. Alternatively, they can send the letter directly to the Brandt School in a sealed envelope via postal mail.

Do I have to prove my German language ability?

No. There is no obligation for prospective MPP students to prove a certain level of German language proficiency before starting their studies at the Brandt School.

However, we do strongly recommend you that you are able to speak at least basic German upon your arrival in order to be able to cope with every day life in Erfurt, including tasks such as grocery shopping and visits to the doctor or official authorities. Last but not least, being able to speak the local language is a great facilitator of integration and will enrich your experience in Germany.

During the program, international students who have not yet reached an A2 level of German are required to take German classes during their MPP studies.

What is the TOEFL code of the Brandt School?

The TOEFL institution code of the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy is 1350.

Additionally, you can also include the address of the Brandt School:

Universität Erfurt
Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
Nordhäuser Straße 63
99089 Erfurt

If your TOEFL result is send directly by the TOEFL testing center, please upload the confirmation you recieved when submitting your application online.

What should I do after submitting my application to the Willy Brandt School?

We will inform you about the receipt of your application via e-mail and we will be in touch with you about any further action that might be required from your side. Of course you are always welcome to ask us any question you might have during the application process. Once the Admissions Committee has decided upon your application, we will let you know immediately and guide you through the further procedure.

When do you inform applicants about their admission status?

The Admissions Committee reviews the applications to the program on a rolling basis. This means that the Committee meets regularly in order to evaluate the applications sent to the Brandt School. Therefore, decisions concerning admission are generally made within six to eight weeks after receipt of a complete application. Please note that in peak application times (May-June) the processing and review of the application can take longer, therefore it is recommended to apply as early as possible.

Can I defer my admissions offer?

An admission offer by the Brandt School is valid only for one particular academic term. If you are unable or unwilling to make use of it, it automatically becomes invalid.

However, there is the possibility to reapply during the next admission round. Since admission criteria, among other things, may be subject to change, you cannot be guaranteed being accepted for a second time. On the other hand, if you were successful once, your chances of convincing the admission committee again are considerably high.

Special note for applicants from the P.R. China and Vietnam

Having your certificates checked by and taking the "APS" interview at the German Embassy is not an obligatory requirement. However, it is highly recommended by the Brandt School! While passing the interview does not automatically mean admission to the MPP program, it certainly helps to strengthen one's application. Furthermore, obtaining the APS certificate facilitates and expedites the visa application process. If you take the interview, please submit the certificate from APS to the Brandt School along with your application package.

More information on APS can be found on the Germany Embassy China and the German Embassy Vietnam website.