Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Why should I learn German?

Being able to speak the local language is the best way to integrate yourself into German society and to get to know your host country and its people better. Although many Germans do speak some English, everyday life takes place entirely in German. Therefore, basic German skills are essential for various activities. From exploring the ancient history of Erfurt, to taking the train to Berlin, to buying some bread in the supermarket: German will help you to reach your goals and to get in touch with the locals.

In Erfurt you will have the chance to learn the basics of the language in your German course at the university and at the same time to practise your skills with locals.

Click here to see why German is furthermore an important language and why learning it will be a major asset in the future.

Do I have to learn German before starting the MPP program in Erfurt?

No. Knowledge of some basic German is strongly recommended to cope with everyday life but there is no prerequisite for you to speak German before your arrival in Erfurt.

How can I learn German before coming to Erfurt?

If you wish to prepare yourself for your stay in Germany by learning German before hand, there are various ways to do so:

One possibility is to order learning material on the internet:

Another way to become familiar with the German language is to take a course at one of the various Goethe Institutes all over the world. Click here to find out where German language courses are offered.

How will I learn German in Erfurt?

International students whose knowledge of German is not proficient enough for the purpose of studying at university level are required to continue taking semester-long German-as-a-foreign-language classes as part of their MPP studies (within the “basics and language module”). There are several levels of German courses available.

German for beginners

In these courses, your teacher Gudrun-Gerlinde Hennig will teach you the basics of German grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills. Gudrun-Gerlinde Hennig has been teaching German as a foreign language since 1993, and for several years in close cooperation with the universities of Ilmenau and Erfurt. Since completing her studies in German and Russian at the Pädagogische Hochschule Erfurt, from which she graduated in 1973 with a teaching diploma, she has taught German and Russian at the high school level and as a freelancer.

German for advanced learners

Students who already have basic or advanced language skills may improve deepen their theoretical and practical skills in one of the many advanced German courses at the University. There is a great variety from which students can choose: courses range from grammar to pure communication and from listening comprehension to courses which focus on reading scientific texts.

Alternatively MPP students who already speak German at a very advanced level may opt to study another foreign language instead.

Do I have to pay for the German courses?

No. German courses and other foreign language courses are included in your tuition fees.

Can I learn other languages at the University of Erfurt?

Yes. There is a great variety of other language courses from which you can choose. Whether you want to learn Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Japanese, Polish or Russian - you will have the chance to do so in Erfurt with teachers who are mainly native speakers.