Brandt School Universit├Ąt Erfurt

Tuition Fee and Living Expenses

Tuition Fee

The MPP tuition fee is EUR 1,500 per semester or EUR 6,000 for the entire program (four semesters). The tuition fee can be paid either as a whole prior to the start of the program or it can be split up and be paid before each semester starts (EUR 1,500  per semester).

Semester Service Contribution ("Semesterbeitrag")

A student semester contribution, which currently totals EUR 239, must be paid to the university each semester. The student semester contribution includes entitlement to free public transportation within and around the city of Erfurt and general administration services provided by the university.

Living expenses

With an estimated average cost of living of EUR 735 per month, studying in Erfurt is affordable. It is one of the most inexpensive university towns in all of Germany.

Further expenses

Please consult our FAQ section for estimates of additional costs such as health insurance, the cost of study materials, and travel to and from Erfurt.

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