Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Area of Concentration International Conflict Management

Students can study the MPP with a focus on conflict studies and management. This specialization track provides students with a sound theoretical basis for analyzing contemporary conflicts and developing responses to them. Furthermore, it conveys practical skills to critically analyze policy interventions, and develop approaches to conflict resolution.

Students specializing in conflict studies and management earn 18 credit points in this module. Different from all other specialization areas in the MPP, the CSM concentration consists of two modules (Conflict Management 1 and Conflict Management 2) and may not be combined with another area of specialization.

The module Conflict Management 1 comprises an overview of theories and concepts in international conflict studies, strategic affairs and conflict management as well as an introduction to practical skills in conflict management. The module is interdisciplinary in design and includes elements from history, political philosophy, international relations, psychology and sociology.

The module Conflict Management 2 consists of courses on special topics in conflict studies and conflict management. It allows the students to deepen their knowledge in various areas of their particular interest and to enhance their respective regional expertise.

The aims of the modules are to:

  • provide a coherent overview of conflict studies and conflict management theory, and practice,

  • provide different theoretical frameworks that may be used to organize historical knowledge and interpret contemporary policymaking,

  • examine theories and models of state-, institution-, and peace-building, and to evaluate attempts to manage, resolve, or transform conflicts and

  • provide an ambitious example of the manner in which the multi-disciplinary approach associated with Conflict Studies can overcome the limitations associated with studying conflict through any single disciplinary lens.

Prof. Dr. Richter and her Team 2017-2018

From left to right: Julian Untiet, Student Assistant and MPP Candidate, Aline Mugisho, PhD Candidate, Olivia Ugokwe, PhD Candidate, Prof. Dr. Solveig Richter, Dr. Siddharth Tripathi, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Steve Wakhu, PhD Candidate, and Jalale Getachew Birru, PhD Candidate.


“Christchild” is the debut short film for a group of students from the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy. The story, written by Sophia Tomany ’20, follows the story of Aya, a 16-year-old...

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Study Trips

What Books Won’t Teach You: Studying Conflict Management in the Field

In March 2017, CSMP students took part in a spring school on “Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Societies” in Sarajevo and Travnik in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In several meetings with international and local organizations students had the chance to study post-conflict peacebuilding directly in the field.

Student Projects

Master students Marie Ullmann and Morgan Ross Courtney published paper in EDP Wire (external link)

Master students Marie Ullmann and Morgan Ross Courtney published a paper  "Bridge to Democracy? The Role of EIDHR and EED Funded Democracy Projects in Armenia" in the EDP Wire of the Research Network External Democracy Promotion EDP.

"Do No Harm - East Timor" Video (external link)

"Do No Harm - East Timor", a short film produced by Laura Barrios for the course CSMP II - Practical Skills: Conflict Analysis and Management

[Disclaimer: The roleplaying is fictive.]