Brandt School Universit├Ąt Erfurt

Core Curriculum

The MPP's core curriculum consists of the Policy Analysis, Management, and Leadership Modules. Courses in the modules of the core curriculum are mandatory.

Policy Analysis Module (1st semester)

Building on the interdisciplinary approach of the Brandt School, this module includes an introduction to public policy as a discipline and at the same time methods and frameworks also from other disciplines, which are useful when analyzing public policy. The module comprises four courses and lays the foundation for the upcoming three semesters.

  • Introduction to Public Policy

  • Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Methods

  • Economic Analysis and Modelling

  • Comparative Public Policy or an elective course

Management Module (2nd semester)

As the pressure to offer public goods at a lower cost and higher quality is increasing, in the second semester the core module focuses on public sector management. In this module students learn more about management within the public sector and should by the end of the semester be able to understand the key issues of managing public service provision and make sound policy decisions within the limits of financial budgets.

  • Strategic Management and Public Administration

  • Financial Management

Leadership Module (3rd semester)

The Master of Public Policy at the Willy Brandt School prepares future leaders who have major management responsibilities. Therefore, the students will learn more about political advocacy and ethical leadership during the third semester.

  • Political Advocacy and Leadership

  • Ethical Questions in the Public Sector