Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Practical Training-Module

Public policy is the intervention in and the design of the political reality. Therefore, having our students work with practical examples and solve real-world problems is an important part of our teaching philosophy.

Internship (between 2nd and 3rd semesters)

An internship between the second and third semester is a requirement for the completion of the degree. Designed to be an integral part of our student‘s education, the internship's primary purposes are:

  • to offer students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned from the classroom in a work setting

  • give students a practical perspective on policy analysis and public management

  • to help them compare their abilities and interests with requirements in particular fields of public policy

The Brandt School provides assistance in securing an internship position in government agencies, international organizations, NGOs, other non-profit or for-profit organizations. Click here to see a list of institutions and organizations where our students have interned. 

Project group (3rd semester)

In the third semester all students are required to participate in a project group. Students work in smaller teams, which are led by either a professor or an external partner, on public policy problems. The objective of project groups is that students can put the acquired knowledge into practice and work on a specific project tasks. At the same time students learn how to successfully work in teams.

Click here for examples of Brandt School project groups.

Project Group 150 Perspectives: Migration and Regional Development in Thuringia (Winter Semester 2015/2016)