Brandt School Universität Erfurt


Students complete the MPP program by writing a master’s thesis. They will research and deal with a specific problem in public policy in depth. Aided by a colloquium and assisted by a supervisor, students conduct a study on a particular policy issue with a distinct practical orientation.

The usual length of the thesis is 25,000 words. The time frame for completion is five months.

Below you find some examples of topics of master’s theses submitted to the MPP Examinations Committee in the past.

Selected Thesis Topics

European Public Policy

  • Die Behandlung von religiös geprägten und weltanschaulichen Konflikten in der OSZE

  • Die Herausforderung der europäischen Integration an die Leistungsfähigkeit regionaler Strukturen: Reformvorschläge für eine Gebietsreform in Thüringen

  • Effects of the European Community's WEEE and RoHS Directive on US-German trade in the IT sector

  • EU enlargement policy conditionality towards the Western Balkans

  • The Policy Implications of the Mutual Perceptions of Science and Industry in Germany

  • EU Policy in Genetically Modified Organisms: The Precautionary Principle as an Approach to Enhance EU Legitimacy

  • The European Union Policies Towards Central Asia

International Affairs, International Cooperation and Development

  • EU and NATO between competition and cooperation: Evidence from recent cases of internal conflict management

  • German foreign policy and the dissolution of former Yugoslavia. The case of the recognition of Croatia

  • Ideological-based policy measures of the administration of George W. Bush

  • Making the case for war: Examining the Bush administration's relations with the U.N. Security Council from September 2001 to March 2003

  • Pakistan between democracy and authoritarianism

  • Performance management and evaluation methods for embassies and consulates. A comparative study of the approaches of different foreign services

  • The International Criminal Court (ICC) and the priciple of national sovereignety

  • Turkey as a member of the European Union? Transatlantic interests

  • Foreign and Media Development in Albania

Public and Non-Profit Management

  • Armutsbekämpfung im Königreich Kambodscha

  • Corporate social responsibility: The challenge for medium-seized enterprises

  • Decentralization: The municipal institution as the corner stone for development

  • Entrepreneurship policy and the development of small- and medium-seized enterprises in Vietnam

  • From immigration to citizen: How public policy can transform identity

  • How the FIFA World Cup can create a stimulus for regional economic growth: A strategic development plan for the city of Erfurt

  • Planning youth work at the local level in Lithuania and Germany

  • Policy-driven regional economic development taking the Suzhou Park as a case

  • Postwar settlement and reconciliation in Japan

  • Proposals for the development of gender policy in the Ukraine

  • Prospects of e-government in developing countries

  • Public Private Partnership and the governance of water and sanitation services

  • Schulisches Qualitätsmanagement durch die Einführung und Überprüfung nationaler Bildungsstandards

  • The impact of the ILO conventions on the elimination of child labour in Nepal

  • Voluntary commitments and the promotion of sustainable development

  • Tools of government: Californias strategies for promoting alternative car fuelsPerformance Management and Accountability on the Municipal Level: the CitiStat Approach

  • Public Sector Reform and Corruption: Ghana as a case study

  • The Role of Non-Governmental Organisations in the Fight against Corruption: Conceptional Ideas for the German development cooperation

  • E-Governance and Corruption in Cameroon

  • The Evaluation of Corruption in China

International Political Economy

  • Adjustment of China's trade policy after its WTO entry

  • China in an era of conflict between WTO and the WHO policy implications in the course of assessing the role and impact of the tobacco industry

  • Die deutsche und die amerikanische Wirtschaftskultur im Vergleich: politisch-institutionelle Faktoren

  • "Plan Colombis": The role of the agricultural sector under the U.S. policy

  • Civil Society Influence on the EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAs) Negotiations in Eastern Africa

Conflict Studies and Management

  • State-Motivated Violence and the Fight Against Illegal Drugs: Analyzing Thailand and the Philippines

  • Counterterrorism in Germany

  • A Viable Nexus? Transitional Justice and the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Project in Eastern DRC

  • Regional Intervention in Somalia

  • Recording the War: An Assessment of Uganda’s National Memory and Peace Documentation Centre Conflict Dataset

  • Conflict Mediation and Peace Facilitation by a Small State: Norway as a Mediator in the Palestine-Israel and the Sri Lankan Conflicts

  • Beyond Ethnicity and Religion: An Analysis of the Violent Conflict in Burma's Arakan State

  • In Search for Transitional Justice: Children and Truth Commissions