Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Brandt School Student Government

The first student government at the Brandt School was elected by the student body in October 2012. The student government is currently in its 7th year with 6 elected members from the MPP student body and one PhD student representative.

The student government serves as the main channel of communication between the Brandt School faculty and staff and its students.

The student government holds meetings with the staff throughout the semester, in addition to holding a general meeting with the student body at least once per semester. Furthermore, the Student Government has organized panel discussions, informal get-togethers and fundraising events. 

You can find out more about their activities or contact them through their Facebook page.

Email: studgov.wbs(at)

Robin Schultz

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Vanessa Hernández

Vice President
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Jorge Tapia

2nd Year Student Representative
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Rahib Raza

2nd Year Social Planner
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Komal Ramdey

1st Year Social Planner
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Juliane Corredor-Jimenez

PhD Student Representative
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Stefan Volkmann

Studierendenrat Representative
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