Brandt School Universität Erfurt
Morgan Courtney
Class of 2015
Background: History, International Relations
The most valuable contribution the Brandt School has instilled in me is the diverse range of perspectives which continuously challenge my preconceptions. In addition, I have greatly appreciated the structure of the conflict studies track which provides an intimate learning environment for students during all four semesters.
Sharon Nakyanzi
Class of 2016
Background: Social Sciences
Studying at Willy Brandt is a worthwhile journey and has broaden my mind in tremendous ways, equipping us with the knowledge and skills that anyone in Public Policy field will ever need. I am equipped with all I need to effect the change I want to see in my country.
Ushree Barua
Class of 2016
Background: International Relations
Immersion in an international experience is the best part about being at The Willy Brandt School of Public Policy. It is truly a great opportunity to grow not just as an individual with pluralistic values but also as a responsible global stakeholder. Apart from that, I am very pleased with the overall academic quality and homely environment.
Laura Barrios Sabogal
Class of 2016
Background: Government and Foreign Relations
The Brandt School is the perfect place to broaden your perspectives, this is the key factor that has made my experience during this time unique and worthwhile.
Bakhtovar Tagayaliev
Class of 2016
Background: International Relations
The presence of practical-training elements in the MPP’s curriculum allows me to gain a distinctive perspective that goes far beyond the academic debates.
Abdifatah Daoud
Class of 2016
Background: Economics
I chose Willy Brandt because I think I can make a real difference to my country and my life there. The Willy Brandt School gave me the courage that I need to change the world.
Ruvimbo Matsika
Class of 2016
Background: Law
The courses offered are really excellent and relevant. It is hard to pick out my favourite course as I find most of them interesting and enlightening, but if I had to choose I would have to say that The Affirmative Action Debate and Design,as well as Implementation and Evaluation of Social Policies around the World are my top picks.
Nurlyaiym Seidakhanova
Class of 2015
Background: International Relations
I believe that the strongest aspects of the Brandt School are individuality and flexibility of education process. The School did not become a place where we were only "force-fed" with information. Students were given a huge opportunity to be independent, to enjoy working with people from all parts of the world and, importantly, to feel home
Mateeullah Tareen
Class of 2015
Background: History, Pakistan Studies
I had made up my mind to join Willy Brandt School for its over-arching fame for Public Policy. A wide array of subjects offered, focus on research, a cultural-mix of students from all over the world and concentration on dealing with contemporary public policy have made it a life changing experience for me.
Ramona Kasch
Class of 2015
Background: International Studies
While the mandatory courses cover the most important bases for a solid formation in Public Policy, the freedom to select from a variety of elective courses allowed me to better match my research and professional interests.
Ayanga Edubio
Class of 2015
Background: International Relations
Studying at the Brandt School offered me the valuable opportunity of interacting with students from all over the world, profiting from different points of view and learning in a diverse and motivating environment.
Julian Untiet
Class of 2016
Background: International Relations
My favorite things about the Brandt School are its diversity and the vivid and in-depth discussions in class.
Lazar Nikolovski
North Macedonia
Class of 2015
Background: Philology
Good public policies are catalyst for balanced and well developed societies
James Hoefnagels
Class of 2016
Background: Religion and Culture
The Willy Brandt School has given me the tools to be a positive and effective policy maker.
Rahmatullah Batoor
Class of 2016
Background: Business Administration
I found the MPP a unique and rigorous package of knowledge and skills training which is very thoughtfully put together to help students prepare for, and tackle the most pressing local and global problems using state of the art ideas, approaches and practices in an exceptionally diverse and international campus.

Our Students' Profile

Brandt School students are strategic thinkers, go-getters and use their entrepreneurship skills to drive innovative change. Chosen on the basis of their outstanding undergraduate university grades, their interdisciplinary orientation, talent and high motivation, they have excellent knowledge of the English language, and often work experience in policy making and diplomacy.

General facts about the student body

  • Brandt School students have an average age of 25 years at the beginning of the program.

  • 53% of students are male and 47% female.

  • More than 450 students have graduated from the Brandt School since 2004.

  • There are currently 113 students enrolled at the Brandt School.

So far, students from 89 countries have chosen to study at the Brandt School and represent all regions of the world.

  • Africa - 10%

  • Asia - 40%

  • Europe - 28%

  • Oceania - 1%

  • North America - 13%

  • South America - 8%

Students's careers: our alumni secured positions in various prestigious institutions

  • Government institutions on a regional, national and international level, as chief officer for foreign trade at the Ministry for Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture in Mainz, Germany, as public diplomacy officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Ukraine, at the European Parliament in Brussels as a policy advisor, or as senior assistant principal secretary in the Ministry of Federal Territories and Urban Well-Being in Malaysia

  • International organisations like the World Bank office in Bogota, Colombia or the United Nations Office for Project Services in Copenhagen

  • NGOs, as communications officer at the World Wildlife Fund in Brasil or at the Kinship Foundation in the USA. One student has even founded his own NGO: Spirit of Football e.V. is a non-profit-organisation based in Erfurt

  • Enterprises of the private sector, as senior consultant at Roland Berger in Düsseldorf, as project coordinator at a training and consulting firm, or as an international business analyst at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Hangzhou City, China

  • Or they are furthering their academic careers at the University of St. Gallen or are busy writing their doctoral thesis in Hong Kong or (right here) in Erfurt

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