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47th ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops at UCL Mons, Belgium

From April 8-12, 2019, Visiting Scholar Dr. Patrick A. Mello participated in the 47th ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops at UCL Mons, Belgium. Dr. Mello took part in the workshop “Formal and Informal Intergovernmental Organisations in Time: Explaining Transformations in Global Governance”, chaired by Prof. Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt (TU Munich) and Prof. Duncan Snidal (University of Oxford). The workshop featured 22 research papers from 27 contributors from the USA, Australia, and all across Europe.

Patrick Mello presented first empirical results from the ongoing DFG research project “International Bureaucracies as ‘Runaway Agents’? How Organizational Structure Affects Agency Slack” (2018-2021, grant volume 488.000 €), based on a paper co-authored with Eugénia Heldt, Omar Ramon Serrano Oswald, and Anna Novoselova.

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