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7th Commitment Award goes to projects in Pakistan, Ghana and Thuringia

The 7th Commitment Award Ceremony of the Engagementpreis Foundation and the Brandt School took place on July 12, 2018.

The evening started with a keynote speech by Ralf Fücks, managing partner of "LibMod - Zentrum Liberale Moderne" and previously the chairman of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, co-chairman of the Green Party and Senator in the city of Bremen. One main aspect of his speech was the question "Why does entrepreneurship matter in a broader societal and political sense?"

An independent jury evaluated the applications. Laura Bastine of the BMW foundation, Robert Burdy, news anchor at MDR and owner of the Shibumi Leadership Academy, Anna Lena-Winkler of the Haniel-Stiftung, Kathrin Hoyer, deputy mayor of the city of Erfurt, and Marufa Akter, winner of the 2012 award, chose the following winning projects:

1st Prize: Nabeela Khalid Pervez, Muhammad Usman Khan and Muhammad Arslan Yaseen
“Har Bacha Mehfooz (Every Child’s Safety)” (Pakistan)

The project aims to curb child abuse in Pakistan by equipping 315 head teachers and Assistant Education Officers (AEOs) with theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The teachers and AEOs will in turn share their knowledge with 2700 teaching staff, and each teacher will then further train school children up to grade 8, meaning over 30000 school children would benefit in total.

2nd Prize: Ibrahim Koita and Amos Edem Agbenyo
“Water is Life” (Ghana)

The project seeks to provide safe and potable drinking water to the people of Kramokrom by commissioning an ultra-modern mechanized borehole with a reservoir and five taps. Clean drinking water prevents the spread of water-related diseases and reduces the amount of time spent fetching water, meaning school attendance rates could increase.

3rd Prize: Maria Brackin, Hendrik Hebel, Richard Henahan, Rubén León and Aaron Sandoval
"Sharing Living Project" (Thuringia, Germany)

The “Sharing Living Project” aims to promote intergenerational interaction through shared living in Erfurt. The project seeks to bring together students struggling to find affordable housing and elderly people who face challenges living alone by creating a centralized online platform to match needs with capabilities.

MDR reported on TV and radio and introduced the winning projects.

The Brandt School and the Engagementpreis Foundation thank their partners for making this event possible:

ThEx (Thüringer Zentrum für Existenzgründung und Unternehmertum)
Town & Country Foundation
Universitätsgesellschaft Erfurt

An image gallery of the Award Ceremony and the following Farewell Party for the class of 2016-18 is available here.