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New Publication about Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Behaviours of Scientists at Universities

A new article by Heike M. Grimm and Johannes Jaenicke has just been published Online First in the Journal of Technology Transfer to be accessed via The article is titled Testing the causal relationship between academic patenting and scientific publishing in Germany: Crowding-out or reinforcement? (In: Journal of Technology Transfer, Online First, Volume 40, No. 3, June 2014, 10.1007/s10961-014-9353-z).

The paper investigates the intertemporal spillover effects from patenting to future publishing activities and vice versa among university employees with a country focus on the German Laender Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia. Individual data from university patentees who successfully issued a patent at a public university before and after 2005 from the selected German Laender is used for measuring the Granger-causal effects between both activities. The interaction of personal and institutional characteristics of academic patentees is taken into account. Our findings show that there is a positive feedback relationship between patenting and publishing activities. An increase in patent applications results in higher numbers of future publications; reciprocally, an increase of publications contributes to a higher output of future patent applications. The paper further presents findings about motives, skills and experience of so-called star scientists and other academic inventors.

The publication is included in a special issue of the Journal of Technology Transfer initiated by David B. Audretsch, Erik Lehmann and Stefano Paleari and is dedicated to various challenges from a mostly European perspective leading to a drastic change in the higher education sector caused, among others, by globalization and the interrelatedness of markets and the increased competition for scarce resources, in particular knowledge and human capital.