Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Consumer Law Protection in the EU – Guest Lecture by Dr. M. Amort

On November 21, 2018, Dr. Matthias Amort presented his research project on consumer law and consumer protection in the European Union (EU). Currently, Dr. Amort is preparing his post-doctoral degree at the University of Erfurt.

Giving his first guest lecture at the Brandt School, he gave a brief overview of the core structure and history of the EU. According to Dr. Amort, the most prominent and attractive goal of the EU is the foundation of a single market, which allows free trade among its member states. Furthermore, he pointed out the biggest challenge for the ‘European idea’ explaining that this single market must go along with a legal system that is binding for all member states of the EU. Although all member states have a long history in consumer law regulation since the 19th century and consumer protection is included in various treaties of the EU, a clear definition and harmonization to national law remains unsolved. Dr. Amort sees a major obstacle in the member states’ attempts to protect their national sovereignty and traditional legal system. For example, almost all EU member states have a national consumer code – Germany is one of a few exceptions and does not have this.

Finally, in his guest lecture Dr. Amort pointed out open questions, such as dealing with the Brexit, and the general challenge finding regulations within civil law as well as consumer law. Therefore, the challenge for the future of the EU includes harmonizing a binding and shared solution for all member states with their national sovereignty and own tradition or culture.

All Master of Public Policy students who are interested in learning more about the EU, its legal foundation and current challenges are welcome to participate in Dr. Amort’s course ‘Introduction to EU Law’ in the upcoming summer semester 2019.