Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Four Teaching Excellence Awards for Prof. Richter

The Faculty of Law, Social Sciences and Economics at the University of Erfurt has awarded Lecturers and Professors with „Teaching Excellence Awards“ for getting the best evaluation for their courses by its students. Prof. Solveig Richter, Junior Professor for International Conflict Management Solveig Richter received four awards: A first prize out of all courses at the Faculty in Winter Semester 2016/2017, a second prize out of all courses for summer semester 2016, a third prize for her course „Conflict Studies and Management: Analysis and Practical Conflict Management Skills“ in summer semester 2018 and a first prize for her seminar „Spring School: Peace Building and post-war challenges of multi-ethnic societies? The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina“ in summer semester 2017. Prof. Richter expresses her gratitude for the great effort by the whole Brandt School staff and for the commitment by all MPP students.