Brandt School Universit├Ąt Erfurt

Guest Lecture on the Midterms and US American Foreign Policy

On November 18th 2018 the Guest Lecture by Dr. Cornelius Adebahr was held at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy. After presenting the general results of Senate, House and Governors US Midterm elections, the discussion started describing the possibilities of an impeachment in the US. However, Dr. Adebahr described how the House now being in charge of the democrats can turn around the Committee work and determine its agenda. From now on with the Democrats majority, they can hold initiatives, debates, they might push for a budget investment in US infrastructure, rather than supporting Trump in the "Mexican Wall" construction.

The guest lecture also tried to answer this question: What has been developed as Trump's foreign policy and what has been his approach?

Dr. Adebahr said that Trump has focussed in the trade deficit of USA and a distrust of global economic system. For example, Trump visits around different countries in the world, like Russia and North Korea portrait him as a gambler in the economic and political sphere.

Regarding the Middle East, Dr. Adebahr mentioned that Iran has been resistent during the last 40 years to US Foreign policy and somehow it has turned the country to a domestic policy issue for the Trump era, more than a foreign policy issue.

On the other hand Europeans try to maintain close relations with Trump, nevertheless an agreement regarding complicated issues like: trade, climate change and so on might be difficult to arrange among the EU and US.

The guest lecture concluded with a discussion enriched by questions, such as: Is Trump as bad as everyone says? Does independence matter? Do institutions matter? And who can tame the tiger?