Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Joint Lecture Series Session with Heribert Prantl

“What is truth?” asked Heribert Prantl, one of the editors in chief and head of the opinion department at the Süddeutsche Zeitung, during his lecture at the Thüringer Landtag on May 31. The lecture was part of a joint lecture series together with the Thüringer Landtag, the Mediengruppe Thüringen and the University of Erfurt.

Prantl discussed different risks and opportunities for journalism in conjunction with digitalization, but remains optimistic regarding the future of journalism, saying, “Journalism doesn’t need to be saved.” He elaborated by praising the work of journalists worldwide concerning the “Panama Papers”, which are a prime example for international journalistic cooperation and underline the necessity of a free press. Journalism is a fluid concept, which much adapt to the times, and journalists along with it. Journalists must strive to be objective, but not without ideals: „If nothing matters to a journalist, journalism doesn’t matter.”

Heike Grimm, director of the Willy Brand School of Public Policy, seen in the photo above with Heribert Prantl and Christian Carius, the President of the Thüringer Landtag, moderated the following discussion.

The next event in the series will be on Thursday, June 14. Digital strategist Tabea Wilke will speak on the topic “Truth in Post-Truth Times. Fake News and Social Bots”. The lecture will take place in Lecture Hall 2 of the KIZ at the University of Erfurt and begins at 18 hrs.

The quotes from the lecturer were taken from Thüringer Allgemeine article from June 02, 2018 about the event.