Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Peacekeeping and the Use of Force – Guest Lecture by Col. Andreas Jödecke

Colonel Andreas Jödecke delivered a lecture to students from the Conflict Studies and Management program at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy on Wednesday, December 11.  Jödecke served in the German Army for over 40 years as a Special Forces Commander, as well as a UN Peacekeeper in peace missions all over the world. He spoke candidly with students about his expertise in the field on topics from high tech equipment for Blue Helmets to the robust mandates and rules of engagement about the use of deadly force in peacekeeping missions. His talk centered on the ongoing conversation within the Peacekeeping field that questions the role of force in their operations. The UN Security Council was not designed to apply force, but since 1999, all UN multidimensional peacekeeping operations under Chapter VII of the UN Charter have been authorized to use force, and the council repeats these mandates in every multidimensional peacekeeping resolution. Jödecke highlighted key points of the discussion and provided real-life anecdotes to illuminate how pertinent the topic is today, especially as UN peacekeeping has evolved to include a robust military body.