Brandt School Universität Erfurt

"Teaching Excellence Awards" for our Brandt School Lecturers

The University of Erfurt has awarded Lecturers and Professors with „Teaching Excellence Awards“ for getting the best evaluation for their courses by its students. 
For their well-deserved recognition, we congratulate Junior Professor for International Conflict Management Solveig Richter for her nomination of her course „Conflict Studies and Management: Analysis and Practical Conflict Management Skills“ and her seminar „Spring School: Peace Building and post-war challenges of multi-ethnic societies? The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina“ as well as Dr. Edgar Aragon for his seminars on „Policy Analysis Framework for Social Problems around the world“ and „Building Competitiveness at the Regional and National Level“. Finally, we are proud of the great evaluation of the seminar on „Qualitative Comparative Analysis“ by Visiting Professor Dr. Patrick Mello. The entire Brandt School would like to express its gratitude for their great effort and commitment for the MPP students!