Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Research Program

The Brandt School engages in cutting-edge research on public policy and governance. Its research program is structured through four Research Clusters - Methods of Public Policy (I), International Conflict Management (II), Entrepreneurship (III), Varieties of Governance (IV), and Development and Socio-Economic Policies (V).

Cluster I (Methods) forms the methodological backbone of the other four Clusters in what represents the incipient Brandt School approach to public policy, notably systematic trans-disciplinarity, a comprehensively global focus, and a methodical linking of theory and practice.

Our purpose is to explore the frontiers of the social sciences in order to contribute to a better understanding of today’s complex world, providing policy-makers with concepts, vocabularies and blueprints for informed and responsible decision-making. Our research program is network-oriented and multi-institutional, developed by recognized experts on the diverse forms of knowledge that the science of governance implies.