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Prof. Dr. Achim Kemmerling

Gerhard Haniel Professor for Public Policy and International Development 

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House 39/ Room 0111
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Achim Kemmerling is the Gerhard Haniel Professor for Public Policy and International Development and the Director of the Brandt School since April 1, 2019. He is the Coordinator of the research cluster "Development and Socio-Economic Policies".

Before coming to the Willy Brandt School, Achim Kemmerling worked as Associate Professor of Political Economy at the Department of Public Policy, Central European University Budapest teaching courses on methodology, public policy and development. He holds a PhD in Political Science from Freie Universität Berlin, and an M.A. in International Political Economy from Warwick University. He has published in academic journals of various disciplines (e.g. World Development, Journal of Common Market Studies, Socio-Economic Review) on a wide range of issues from taxation and fiscal policies, to social and labor market policies, and to the environment. His monograph "Taxing the Working Poor" (Edward Elgar 2009) deals with the political and economic tradeoffs between redistribution and job incentives for poor workers. He has worked as a consultant to the German parliament, the German Society for Technical Cooperation (former GTZ, now GIZ), the Open Society Foundation and the European Investment Bank. Currently, he is writing on a book about human progress and the role of public policy.

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Courses taught at the Brandt School

  • PAM: Comparative Public Policy (with Prof. Dr. Heike Grimm) (WS 2017/18)

  • EPP/IA: Do Aid Policies Work? European and International Experiences (WS 2017/18)

  • PNM: Comparative Administration and Good Government (SS 2018)

  • PNM: The Politics of Reforms: Theories and Empirical Cases from Public Policy Reforms (SS 2018)

  • IA/IPE: Do We Progress? (SS 2018)

  • PAM: Economic Analysis and Modeling (WS 2018/19)

  • BLM: Research Methods and Design (WS 2018/19)

  • IA/EPP: Do Aid Policies Work? Theories, Strategies, Approaches of Development (WS 2018/19)

  • PTM: Project Group: Harmful Tax Practices, Tax Avoidance and Tax Administration in Developing Countries (WS 2018/19)

  • PAM: Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Methods (SS 2019)

  • IPE/CSMP: Policies for Fighting Poverty and Inequality (SS 2019)

  • PAM: Economic Analysis and Modeling (WS 2019/20)

  • EPP/IA: Do Aid Policies Work? European and International Experiences (WS 2019/20)

  • PTM: Project Group: Policy Scenarios for the Future of Work and Welfare (WS 2019/20)

Marvin Zeuner


Marvin Zeuner

Phone:      +49 (0)361 / 737-4690
Office:      House 039 / Room 0109


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Selected Publications

"Explaining the Rise in Redistributive Pensions in Developing Countries" (with Michael Neugart, forthcoming in Review of Development Economics)

"Special Issue on New Labour Market Divides"
(with David Rueda and Silja Haeussermann, forthcoming in Political Science Research Methods)

"When does Policy Diffusion Affect Policy Instability? Some Example from Welfare Policies in Eastern Europe"
In Bartory, Agnes/ Cartwright, Andrew, Stone, Diane (eds.) Policy Experiments, Failures and Innovations. Beyond Accession in Central and Eastern Europe, Edward Elgar (2018), pp. 26-44 (with Kristin Makszin)

"Calibrating climate change policies: the causes and consequences of sustained under-reaction"
Journal of Environmental Planning and Policy Special Issue 19/6 (2017), edited by Moshe Maor and Jale Tosun, pp. 625-637 (with Michael Howlett)

"Left Without a Choice? Why Left Politicians Accept VAT as a Source of Revenue"
Socio-Economic Review 15/4 (2017): 776-796
Received SER Annual Best Paper Award 2017

"European Aid and Trade in African Public Opinion"
Development Policy Research 35/4 (2016), 567-586 (with Thilo Bodenstein)

"What do you fear? Anti-Immigrant Sentiment in Latin America"
International Migration Review 52/1 (2016), 236-272 (with Covadonga Meseguer)