Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Khalil Bitar

Doctoral Student


Khalil Bitar is a doctoral candidate at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy under the supervision of Professor Dr. Heike Grimm. He was awarded the DAAD's Graduate School Scholarship in 2015. In his research at the school, Khalil works on investigating the impact of nationalizing monitoring and evaluation systems on governance and public sector administration in conflict-affected and fragile states, focusing on his home-country of Palestine as a case study.

Prior to joining the Willy Brandt School as a doctoral candidate, Khalil studied and worked in Palestine, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Belgium. He studied law, international politics and evaluation. Khalil's main research interests are evaluation, governance and development in conflict-affected and fragile states. He worked as a monitoring and evaluation specialist for several governmental and non-governmental agencies and organisation in Palestine and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. He co-founded the Palestinian Evaluation Association and serves as its president in addition to being board member of the evaluation association of the MENA region, EvalMENA.



Bitar, K. (2015). Evaluation under occupation: The role of evaluators in protecting and promoting social justice and equality in conflict-affected and fragile contexts (the case of the occupied Palestinian territory). In B. Rosenstein & H. Desivilya Syna (Eds.), Evaluation and social justice in complex sociopolitical contexts. New Directions for Evaluation, 146, 105–115.

Bitar, K. Hbeichi, R. Zoabi, L. & Russon, C. (2015). Evaluation Capacity Development through Cluster Evaluation. Journal of Multidisciplinary Evaluation, 11(24), 68-75.



Willy Brandt School Doctoral Students Participated at the First “Science Fair Day” Organized by Erfurt University

Erfurt University organized the first Science Fair day on June 30, 2016. The program was inaugurated by the Vice President of Forschung und Nachwuchsförderung (Research and Career Development/Graduate studies) Prof. Dr. Susanne Rau. She stated that the event is the first one to be held at the university and its aim is to introduce what kind of researches is being held at the university. Furthermore, she stated that the plan to held such kinds of events each year.

The Science Fair combined a poster presentation of researched conducted by the university’s professors, post-doc researchers as well as doctoral researchers and different panel discussions. The doctoral students of Willy Brandt School Ms. Jalale G. Birru, Mr. Khalil Bitar. Ms. Anwesha Ghosh and Ms. Heidi Ross presented their respective researches during this event.