Brandt School Universit├Ąt Erfurt

Olivia Ugokwe

Doctoral Student

House 39/Room 0108

Olivia Ugokwe is currently a PhD student at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy with an MA background in Peace and Conflict Studies. She intends to pursue further research in the area of International Conflict Management under the supervision of Professor Frank Ettrich.

Her Thesis will focus on evaluating the role of the  AU/UN Hybrid Peace Support efforts in managing the Darfurian Conflict, emphasizing the need for home grown solutions, to the current endemic nature of armed violent conflict, from a cultural and contextual pespective.

Prior to taking up Studies at the Willy Brandt School, she was engaged in research work in the area of Defence and Strategic Studies at the Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna, Nigeria.