Brandt School Universität Erfurt

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Herz (†)

Professor for Comparative Government

Dietmar Herz was the founding director of the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy and holds the Chair for Comparative Government at the University of Erfurt. Having been Vice President for Studies and Teaching until November 2001, he served as the University of Erfurt's Vice President for International Affairs and Research until May 2006.

Dietmar Herz holds an MPA degree from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, where he studied Political Science and Public Administration. He also studied political science, law, philosophy, and history at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and the London School of Economics. He holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from the University of Munich, where he also passed the state examinations in law. Before taking up his current position, he served as Professor for Political Science at the University of Bonn, Distinguished Visiting Fulbright Professor for German and European Studies at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, Tennessee), Lecturer for Political Science at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University (Greifswald), and Visiting Professor at the Helmut Kohl Institute for European Studies of Hebrew University (Jerusalem).

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Courses taught at the Brandt School:

  • Introduction to Public Policy (with Marc Schattenmann) (WS 2002/03)

  • IA: Foreign Policies of the Middle East: Current Issues (SS 2006)

  • IA/ CSM: Governance in Times of War (WS 2008/09 and 2015/16)

  • Project Group: Civil Peace Operations and Election Observation Missions as Tools of International Conflict Management (WS 2009/10)

  • PNM/ IA: German Politics and the Shoah: The Raison d'Être of Governance (with Katalin Hahn) (SS 2016 and WS 2016/17)


It is with great sadness that we bring this news to you. After long illness, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Herz passed away at the age of 59 on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. He has been the founding...

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From March 23 to April 1, 2017, a total of 15 students, with backgrounds varying from Egypt, Albania, Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, USA and Zimbabwe,...

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Selected Publications

"USA verstehen"
Darmstadt: Primus, 2011

"Die Amerikaner im Krieg"
Munich: C.H.Beck, 2007

"Die Europäische Union"
Munich: C.H.Beck, 2008

"Palästina: Gaza und Westbank."
Munich: C.H.Beck, 2003