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Dr. Hasnain Bokhari


+49 (0)361 / 737-4113
LG 4 / Room E05

Dr. Hasnain Bokhari has been teaching at the Brandt School since 2011. He has worked as an Assistant Professor (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) at the Chair of Muslim Cultural and Religious History, University of Erfurt where his projects have dealt with the issues of internet politics (funded by the DAAD) and peace education (funded by the German Federal Foreign Office (GFO)). In addition, he has served as an independent consultant for KFW/GFO funded project. Mr. Bokhari is also associated with the Centre for Development Informatics, University of Manchester, UK and since 2019 he is a co-founder of 1000WB GmbH, a start-up based in Erfurt focusing on eCommerce. Mr. Bokhari is a recipient of Heinrich Böll doctoral fellowship from the Faculty of Humanities, University of Erfurt. His Ph.D. research dealt with eGovernment and the way communication technologies go through reshaping based on the socio-political culture of the country. Mr. Bokhari holds Master's degrees both in Public Policy from Erfurt University and Computer Science from Bahria University, Islamabad.

Courses taught at the Brandt School:

  • Public Policy in Muslim Context (with Jamal Malik) (SS 2006)

  • PNM: Political Communication and Communication Management of NGOs (WS 2011/12)

  • PNM: Political Communication (with Jamal Malik) (WS 2012/13)

  • PNM: Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainable Human Development (WS 2012/13)

  • PNM: CSM: Social Media in Conflict Regions (SS 2013 and 2014)

  • PNM: Design and Implications of eGovernment in Developing Countries (WS 2013/14)

  • PNM: Fall School - Internet Politics (with Jamal Malik) (WS 2013/14)

  • PNM: Summer School - Cyber Culture (with Jamal Malik) (SS 2014)

  • PNM: CSM: Media, War and Conflict (SS 2015)

  • PNM: Digital Entrepreneurship (WS 2015/16)

  • PNM: Design and Policy Implications of eGovernment (SS 2016)

  • CSM: Media, Conflict and Society (WS 2016/17)

  • IACD: Sustainable Development Goals (WS 2017/18)

  • PNM: Digital Entrepreneurship (WS 2018/19)

  • PNM: Design and Implementation of eGovernment (WS 2019/20)

Selected Publications

2020. Information and Communication Technologies in Pakistan. History and Analysis of Electric Public Services (2000 - 2012). Hamburg: Disserta Verlag.

2012. Digitisation of Electoral Rolls: Analysis of a Multi-Agency E-Government Project in Pakistan. Published in 6th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Government. ACM International Conference Proceedings Series, ACM Press.

2010. Multi-channel Electronic Public Service Delivery Mechanisms in Developing Countries – A Case Study of the eSahulat Programme in Pakistan. Published in 4th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Government. ACM International Conference Proceedings Series, ACM Press.

2009. Realising hybrid model of eGovernment for citizen-centric eServices in developing countries. Analysis of eSahulat programme in Pakistan. Published in conference proceedings IEEE International Multitopic Conference, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad and University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila.

2008. Paradigm shift in service delivery channels for G2C services–Service Oriented Architecture an option for the success of eGovernment in Pakistan?. Published in conference proceedings IEEE International Conference on Information Technology, University of Science and Technology, Bannu.